Audio and Video Files


Decolonial Theatre

Course Reflections

2013 Slavery: The Past and Present of Social (Un)Justice. Introducing the Decolonial Option
Reflections by Course Organizers, Jean Casimir

2012 The New World (Dis)Order and the Challenge of Social Justice: Ethics and the Decolonial Option
Interview with Fabián Barba – by Josh T. Franco

2011 Coloniality, Slavery and the Holocaust: Introducing the Decolonial Option
Decolonial Thank You – video by Rod Sachs

Summer School Reflections

What does the decolonial summer school mean to you?
…a time to reflect and learn, whereby we listen to people speaking from their embodied truths
…a space where i can come to terms with the beautiful and rich diversity of human expression in a way that is not filtered through any western standards of what is right and what is wrong
…a space where i realize how little i know and how little western society represents of everything
…a space to connect with many friends

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