Ovidiu Tichindeleanu

Ovidiu TichindeleanuOvidiu Tichindeleanu is a philosopher and culture theorist living in Chişinău and Cluj, writing on critical social theory, decolonial thought, alternative epistemologies, and the cultural history of postcommunism. Studies of philosophy in Cluj, Strasbourg and
Binghamton, New York. PhD in Philosophy (Binghamton University) with a thesis on monolinguism, modern media and the archeology of knowledge at 1900, currently prepared for publication in English. Editor of IDEA arts + society (www.ideamagazine.ro); collection coordinator at IDEA publishing house (www.ideaeditura.ro). Editor of the online journal CriticAtac.ro. Co-founder of the independent journal Philosophy&Stuff (1997-2001), and of the Romanian Indymedia platform (since 2004). Editor, with Konrad Petrovszky, of Romanian Revolution Televised. Contributions to the Cultural History of Media (Cluj: IDEA 2009, 2011). Editor, with V. Ernu, C. Rogozanu, C. Şiulea of Iluzia anticomunismului (Chişinău: Cartier, 2008).
Forthcoming book: The Postcommunist Colonization. A Critical History of the Culture of Transition. Recent article: “Vampires in the Living Room. A View To What Happened to Eastern Europe After 1989 and Why Real Socialism Still Matters,” in Corinne Kumar (ed), Asking We Walk. The South As New Political Imaginary, Vol.III, Bangalore, India: Streelekha 2013.

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