Santiago Slabodsky

slabodsky_1Santiago Slabodsky is Assistant Professor of Ethics of Globalization at Claremont School of Theology. He is an Argentinean scholar trained in Jewish, Liberationist and Decolonial philosophies. He researches global ethics and the intersection between Jewish and Postcolonial social theories, especially in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Maghreb. Santiago’s courses include Postcolonialism, Ethics of Globalization, Global South Social Movements, The Frankfurt School, Post-Holocaust Jewish Thought, Rabbinic and Subaltern Thinking, and Globalizing Religion(s): Genealogies of Evil. He has lectured and published his work in Europe, Africa, Latin America, North America and the Middle East.

Besides his work in academic settings, he also has experience as an activist. After receiving theological education at a rabbinical school in Argentina, he led Beit-Israel, a working-class congregation in Buenos Aires for three years. During his tenure at the Institution he co-created a Christian-Muslim-Jewish network in the city to confront one of the most important economical crisis in the region. The project not only assisted the growing number of people in need but also developed a common inter-religious activist-intellectual community that protested the systemic roots of economical, sexual, and racial injustice.

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