Previous Courses

In 2010 the first decolonial summer course was held at the University College Roosevelt. The course “Slavery, the Holocaust and the Challenge of Global Justice” invited different speakers of decolonial thinking in the Global South and critical thought in the Global North. Bringing together the events of Slavery and the Holocaust we started a dialogue to address pressing issues of global justice. The course was followed by a three-day workshop “Building Dialogues Between North-South and West-East” that was attended by a broad range of international speakers and the course participants. Find more information on the workshop here.

2011 “Coloniality, Slavery and the Holocaust: Introducing the Decolonial Option

2012 “The New World (Dis) Order and the Challenge of Social Justice: Ethics and the Decolonial Option“.

The 2013 course “Slavery: The Past and Present of Social (Un)Justice. Introducing the Decolonial Option” was held parallel to the event of celebrating 150 years since the abolition of Slavery in the Netherlands. Located in Middelburg, a town that played a historical role in Slave-trade, the course contributed to the commemoration ceremony with speakers from the Global South that added a different story to the struggles against social unjustice.

2014: “Democracy, Slavery and the Decolonial Option”

2015: “Stolen Memories: Museums, Slavery and (De) Coloniality”

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